Yellow Beak Press Tote Bag

Large tote bag featuring double-sided hobo bird design by Jeremy Ross Armstrong.
Durable natural recycled canvas with black handles and rectangular bottom.
18″ W x 16″ H No international shipping unless it is with a book.

Yellow Beak Press Jailbird T-shirt

Soft discharged printing on black Hane’s Nano-T.
Small jailbird on front left chest and large hobo bird design on back of shirt.
Artwork by Jeremy Ross Armstrong. No international shipping unless it is with a book.
Sizes S-XL


Lost Love book Available now!

Lost Love is a collection of vintage tattoo flash presented in a 265 page 9×12 hardcover format. This book represents a handful of private collections and never before published sheets of antique flash along with acetates, sketches, and photos. The images in this unique collection were selected to embody the rich and diverse history of tattooing. Our goal was to show everything from folk to fancy. This book will contain unsigned flash sheets as well as images from Cap Coleman, Paul Rogers, Sailor Jerry, Stoney St Clair, Percy Waters, Milton Zeis, and many more. The first 200 Lost Love preorders will receive a limited print of vintage flash with their book and it will be shipped in hand silk-screened packaging. The Books are in stock and shipping now. Order below $100.

Born Weird

Containing flash from some of today’s best tattooers, Born Weird will not disappoint. Each artist was asked to create four sheets of 11×14 flash that embodied all that is weird, gross, or just plain bizarre. The art was displayed publicly in the Fifty 24PDX Gallery at Upper Playground in Portland this fall and is now available in book form. The book will be 11×14 and 120 pages. The pressing is limited to 2,000 copies and is available now! We are shipping orders with hand silk screened packaging. Act soon because they won’t last long! 

Order below $80.

Born Weird book.

List of Participating Artists:

Aaron Coleman
Adam Craven
Adam Warmerdam
Andrew Stickler
Andy Campoy
Bart Bingham
Bradley Delay
Craig Brown
Danny Reed
Erik Gillespie
Ezra Haidet
Jeff Rassier
Jeremy Joachim
Jesse Bob
Jesse Gordon
John Henry Gloyne
Josh Howard
Justin Wheeler
Luis Campos
Matthew Welch
Matt Ziolko
Miguel “Uzi” Montgomery
Murray Sell
Nick Filth
Scott La Rock
Sean O’Neill
Shawn Mcdonald
Tim Lehi
Zach Shereck

Sold Out!

Milton H Zeis: Tattooing As You Like It.

A biography and tribute to one of tattooing’s most legendary figures. This book follows Zeis’s life from birth, documenting his many interests as well as his formidable ventures in tattooing. This book documents the life and work of this influential man, from the young days train-hopping to his adult years running The Zeis Studio and performing as Uncle Milty the clown. It also includes 95 of today’s best tattooers paying homage to Zeis by repainting some of the most iconic flash sheets distributed by The Zeis studio from the 1920s to the 1970s. $100

Scott Sylvia
Tim Lehi
Jeff Rassier
Nick Rodin
Juan Puente
Cody Miller
Andrew Stickler
Theo Mindell
Stuart Cripwell
Paul Anthony Dobleman
Mike Wilson
Jeremy Swed
Marie Sena
Valerie Vargas
Stewart Robson
Steve Byrne
Tony Hundahl
Jay Chastain
Chad Koeplinger
Danny Reed
Rick Brown
Jeremy Joachim
Nick Filth
Ryan Fink
Will Lollie
Brian Bruno
Mike Rennie
Nick Colella
Erik Gillespie
Katie Sellergren
Scott Harrison
Adam Shrewsbury
Jeff Zuck
Thomas Morgan
Jesse Bob
Craig Brown
Ezra Haidet
Zach Nelligan
Jeremy Ross Armstrong
Meg McNiel
Miguel “uzi” Montgomery
Robert Ryan
Michael Schweigert
Matt Arriola
Vinse One
Shawn McDonald
Sky James
Malia Sioux
Matt Scanlan
Todd Noble
Erick Lynch
Bart Bingham
Virginia Elwood
Nikki Balls
Marcus Kuhn
Marina Inoue
Ryan Cooper Thompson
Dave Bruehl
Steve Turner
Ben Siebert
Walter McDonald
Djene Toure Lerma
Ben Thompson
Tim Beck
Jason Fancher
Cory Lenherr
Michael Kruse
Oliver Peck
Stevie Edge
Bailey Robinson
Fergus Simms
Erik Von Bartholomaus
Steve Bauer
Dan Rick
Ashley Love
Joel Janiszyn
Luis Campos
Ian “Bugsy” Christensen
Aaron Coleman
Kyle Franklin
Josh Edwards
Timothy Hoyer
Adam Warmerdam
Bryan Burk
Chad Soner
Eric Jones
Cris Cleen
Dan Smith
Vincent Moisdon
BJ Giacco
Bradley Tompkins
Chris Goff
Daniel Albrigo
Jamie Ruth